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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 What’s This Mysterious Circle on the Seafloor? (National Geographic)

20年前, 日本海底發現神秘圓形, 闊達兩米...
seafloor circle picture
A male pufferfish (center) made this nest to lure females in Japan in 2012.
Photograph courtesy Kimiaki Ito
現在, 科學家證實是一個新品種的, 所築的愛巢. 雄性(約13厘米長)利用身體在沙上造成美麗的圖案, 然後雌性會來撿視是否合乎心意. 合乎心意的, 雌性會在巢中心產卵.
pufferfish picture
A male pufferfish uses his body to create peaks and valleys in the sand. Photograph courtesy Kimiaki Ito
雄性會在以後六天守謢愛巢, 直至魚卵孵化為止.
之後, 雄性會另覓地點, 重新築巢, 吸引另一位異性.

Update: 有片段

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