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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bdelloidea and Superman

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman (Season 3 Episode 11) Home Is Where The Hurt Is:

Superman, a human-like creature with incredible ability. He can fly, he can survive in outer space, and his body is as strong as steel. Suddenly he is infected with Kryptonian virus which can kill him. The only cure is to take him to the verge of death, thus stave off the virus, and then bring him back.

超人, 有不可思議能力的外星人. 他能飛, 能在太空生存, 而且有鋼鐵般的身體. 突然間他被致命的外星病毒入侵. 唯一療法是把他推至死亡邊緣, 從而把病毒餓死, 再把他救活過來.

The Secret to the Sex-less Rotifer’s Success: It’s Blowing in the Wind:

Bdelloidea, a class of rotifers with incredible ability. It is female-only, it can survive high radiation and it can adapt foreign DNA to diversify its genetic pool. Suddenly it is infected with parasitic fungus which could kill it. The only cure is to dehydrate itself to death, thus stave off the fungus, and then it will return to life once it contacts water (either it is taken to water by wind or there is raining).

蛭態目, 頗為奇怪的一個輪形動物. 它只有雌性, 能在高幅射下存活, 而且能吸納異種DNA以壯大它的基因庫. 突然間它被致命的寄生真菌入侵. 唯一療法是自行脫水, 從而把真菌乾死, 然後它會在接觸水後復活 (被風吹去水裡或通過下雨).

[Which is weirder, TV series or Mother Nature? 哪個更詭異, 電視劇或大自然?]

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