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Friday, July 09, 2010

海洋吵了, 鯨魚要叫

Whales Have to Shout to Be Heard in Today's Noisy Oceans

研究員從十四條鯨魚發現, 當環境變吵, 鯨魚會叫大聲點, 這個和人類相似。 另外鯨魚與人類有另一個共通點, 就是生活環境的嘈音污染, 是人類作孳造成的... 唉! 嘈音殺鯨, 不是新聞呀!

Caption: This video shows right whales frolicking in the ocean. The video includes upcalls and a voice over.

Credit: Sara Brennen; Penn State

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